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Love Your Voice

Learn to sing, present and perform your vocals beyond your expectations!

Vocal Tuition in Oxfordshire – For All Abilities
Sing better! – Gain in Confidence! 
Powerful Vocal Techniques! – Stay Focused!
Better Your Stage Presence! – Enjoy Performing!
Be You! – Find Your Individual Sound!

Unlock Your Potential

Transform your vocals – Learn vocal and singing techniques that push you to be the best you!

Whether you’re starting out, or need a fresh approach… if you are based in Oxfordshire and interested in singing lessons, public speaking or pitching coaching with a seasoned professional, look no further!

Achieve Your Goals

Work with Carmen to realise your ambitions and hit your dream goals!

Carmen Rose is a passionate musician, performer and teacher with over 20 years experience studying the voice and performance training. Carmen is dedicated to catapulting your voice and helping you to reach your goals.

About Vocal Vitality

Vitality Vocals - Professional Singing Lessons & Vocal Tuition in the Oxfordshire Area for Singers and Speakers

About Vocal Vitality

Vitality Vocals - Professional Singing Lessons & Vocal Tuition in the Oxfordshire Area for Singers and Speakers

Vitality Vocals loves your voice. Dedicated, vibrant, fun, friendly lessons, ready to help our clients to transform their vocal ability. Whether it’s singing as a profession or hobby, public speaking, acting or business pitching - Vitality Vocals offers the opportunity and freedom to enjoy your voice, helping you to use it purposefully and with confidence.

We are intentional about creating an atmosphere that engages your mind and body to help you express yourself with authentic emotion and great technical execution. Vitality Vocals are here to help you learn to love your voice. Let's get you speaking or singing out loud and proud!

Vocal Lessons
Vocal Tuition in Oxford - Vitality Vocals Logo


Oxfordshire based vocal/singing tuition with a holistic approach connecting your voice to your thoughts, emotions and body. Techniques comprise of classical, contemporary and well-being exercises which are executed through song or speech.

Lessons are structured to help to realise your vocal capabilities better, look after your throat, live performance practice and studio vocal training. Carmen provides a relaxed, safe, fun and focused space for her students to ENJOY their voice!

Vocal Tuition in Oxford - Vitality Vocals Logo

Session Specifics

Whilst we keep it lively and fun, your aims, objectives and goal setting are embedded into each session, to help consolidate an individual plan. Constructive feedback is given along with a helpful assessment of students' progression. Practice material will be outlined to develop at home between lessons.

It is advised to bring a notebook, a recording device (phone is fine!) and (if applicable) any specific material you wish to cover along to the session (on any device). Individual lessons are available either in person or online via Zoom. Please contact directly for session enquiries.

Vocal Tuition in Oxford - Vitality Vocals Logo

Vocal Tuition

Currently running sessions in Southmoor (Just outside Oxford), Carmen offers lessons in person catering for the following setups:

1:1 for Singers
- Get the best out of your singing voice.

1:1 for Public Speakers/Business Reps Presenting at work? Best man speech? Pitching your business? Let Vitality Vocals show you how to bring confidence and clarity to any public speaking opportunity.

Group Sessions - Up to 20 people
-Book for commercial team building, or even a fun party, hen or stag do!

Carmen Rose - Pro Singer / Vocal Tutor

Carmen Rose-Davidson is a passionate, energetic and dedicated performer, with a vocal talent stemming from her vibrant personality. With a desire to inspire, entertain and ignite joy to her audiences and students, Carmen specialises in singing, song-writing, performing and teaching. Trained in performing arts, she’s had extensive experience on the UK music circuit, performing across many musical styles; Gospel, Rock, Soul, Blues, Metal, Country, Classical and Musical Theatre. Carmen has a developed an 4 octave range also consisting a whistle register.

Her repertoire includes:
Performances at The BBC, The Roundhouse, The Richmix, The Royal Albert Hall, Parliament, Canterbury Cathedral, The Queens Jubilee as well as Wembley to name a few. She has performed internationally around Asia and Europe. Carmen Rose has had the pleasure of performing alongside Brett Manning, Foreign Beggars, Ben Lochrie, Kele La Roc, Ed Skrein, A Noise Next Door and many more. She has gleaned from epic musicians like Stevie Vann Lange, Jenny May and Stanton Moore and has enjoyed every minute of it.

Carmen has been trained in the following disciplines:
Husler, Classical, Opera, Belt, Gospel, Speech Level Singing (SLS), CVT, Method Acting, Musical Theatre, Brecht, Belly Dancing, Stage Presence, Public Speaking, Live Performance Singing and Mic Control, Studio Vocal Recording, Business Pitching.

Carmen is enthusiastic about the success and well-being of her vocal students. She continues to learn about the voice daily and enjoys sharing her knowledge and helping people reach their goals.

Individual Lesson Price Plans:

Vocal Coaching for all abilities

First Lesson Taster Price
Singing or Speaking

One-off fee for first bookings, lessons are £45 thereafter


Vocal Coaching for all abilities

1:1 Singing Lesson or
Public Speaking Class

One 55 minute lesson, in person, or via Zoom


Vocal Coaching for all abilities

8 x 1:1 Singing Lessons or
Public Speaking Classes

Eight 55 minute lessons, in person, or via Zoom. (£40 discount)


Vocal Coaching for all abilities

Detailed Written
Vocal Assessment

This supplemental assessment gives you a personalised plan for your voice. Details for vocal health care, Identifying your range, and how to improve your voice are included. This is available after our first session.



“Carmen is a consummate professional. She puts 100% excellence into whatever she puts her hands to creatively, and coaching me vocally was no exception. She recognises that the voice is not a separate entity but rather it is intimately connected with our body and emotions and she gave me an awareness of that connectedness I didn’t initially have. She helped me get centred and peaceful before we began the lesson and I thoroughly enjoyed singing scales in different character voices! Carmen knows how to stretch you vocally without injuring you and because of that I’ll be popping in for another lesson to build my vocal stamina.”

Isi the Scribe

Award Winning Spoken Word & Voice Over Artist

“ I got the contract with AIDA as a lead singer! Thanks to you my Guru.”

Andrea Bertin

Lead Singer at AIDA

“Carmen is an excellent singing coach. Carmen takes a holistic approach to voice development, which includes meditational breathing to prepare the body to be used as a vocal instrument. She goes on to employ a wide range of techniques from Indian, Classical and Contemporary singing to ensure a well-rounded development of the voice. Would recommend and use again.”

Rachael Joy

Business Leadership Strategist

“I started studying with Carmen just before Christmas and I cannot explain how much my voice has developed and improved. I feel now I have the confidence to perform and the ability to control my voice (still a work in progress though) and I would recommend her to anyone. Lately my friends have been telling me they are very impressed by how much I improved in just a few months and I am very excited to see where my voice will take me in the future. She has also helped with my confidence and she is always going the extra mile to make sure I am not wasting my time and money and I am achieving my goals. I love Carmen.”

Tessa Battaiotto

Musical theatre singer, actress and model

Contact / Book a lesson

Looking to book a lesson? Need to ask a question? Want to leave a message?

Vanessa Chatterton
Vanessa Chatterton
Can't recommend highly enough!! Such a positive experience working with Carmen. She has helped me immensely with my confidence with her hugely encouraging and supportive techniques. She has helped me to understand my voice and my vocal range and realise my potential with personally tailored techniques and warm up exercises. An extremely talented vocal coach who can expertly get the best out of your voice 🙂
Freda Johnson
Freda Johnson
Carmen is the warmest and most encouraging of teachers. Since joining I have become so much more confident - not only in my singing abilities but as a person. Her holistic approach to teaching embodies the tools to becoming healthier in mind, body and voice! Highly highly recommended.
Elizabeth Cox
Elizabeth Cox
I am SO glad I found Carmen!! From my first session, I left knowing that I had absolutely made the right decision in choosing to work with her. With training and experience in so many voice styles, Carmen brings elements from all different techniques into our practise and really listens to what your goals are for your voice. Most importantly, she CARES. Her holistic approach and beautiful personality creates a positive, encouraging and empowering atmosphere that makes you believe in yourself and your vocal ability/potential! I'm excited to continue working together and will definitely be booking another block of session after these. Thank you, Carmen!
Tabitha Symonds
Tabitha Symonds
Carmen is an absolute gem and I highly recommend her! As a singing novice I was looking specifically for a teacher to help me build confidence as I was exceptionally nervous, and I couldn't have chosen a better person for the job. She's very knowledgeable, an excellent teacher, and oozes positivity and good vibes. I booked a series of 8 lessons and hope to come back for more. Thank you Carmen! 😊
Jack Parker
Jack Parker
Carmen is brilliant!, I came to her after years of 'winging it', and we have been working from the ground up on correct vocal training for a healthy voice. In the short 8 weeks nearly, I have already found that there are tones and keys that I previously didn't even know were reachable, and this being only so soon! Carmen is great at keeping me motivated, and is understanding and patient. If you are thinking of taking your voice seriously, you need to check her out!
Leilah Isaac
Leilah Isaac
Carmens classes are FANTASTIC. I Cannot recommend them enough. Even if you are not planning on becoming Beyonce, you will learn so much about speaking about developing your voice and confidence. She is a genius in growing you as a singer and realising your potential. The time flies as it is so much fun. Love it!
Amitha Emmanuel
Amitha Emmanuel
Highly recommend Vitality Vocals! I have attended many group sessions. Carmen makes it so much fun! While warm ups and drills are usually a bore, with Carmen they become a game! Her positive energy and vibrant personality is so contagious. Everyone in the group is so welcoming and encouraging. You will surprise yourself by how well you are able to apply simple and small singing and breathing changes to help improve your voice. I regained the confidence to sing in front of others and I am grateful to Vitality Vocals for that. Highly recommended!
Katarina the Designer
Katarina the Designer
WOW! If I can give Carmen 100 stars, a standing ovation, a gold medal, then I would. I highly recommend taking her classes. I’ve never had a vocal coach before and singing was a pastime. Carmen’s group session has opened new possibilities for me. It reignited my passion for singing, my dream of being in a musical or perhaps singing at my twin daughters’ weddings. I would love to sing more than just in my house. Carmen is very energetic, charismatic and encouraging. She explains each activity/technique with great detail. She also gives constructive feedback. I can tell that I’m constantly improving because she is a great and talented coach. I’m not being biased. I noticed the improvement in the other singers, too. It was a diverse, supportive and talented group. Carmen found beauty in each unique voice. Due to this, I’ve decided to sign up for another group session. I’ve also signed up for a private session because she is a gem of a coach. She has so much to offer from singing to voice-over to public speaking vocal lessons. She has given me the confidence to achieve my goals. Thank you, Carmen! I look forward to our journey together! 🙂
nina louisa
nina louisa
Carmen is amazing! Not only is she super friendly and supportive, but her techniques really work as she tailors them completely to your voice and vocal range. In a short period of time my voice has improved tremendously due to her sensitivity towards any kind of obstacles you may be facing, as well as her enthusiasm for what she does overall. 10/10 recommend her 🙂
Jo Ferrone
Jo Ferrone
Carmen's sessions are high vibe, energised and truly uplifting. I felt challenged in many ways ... and feel I've gained vocal strength, self-confidence & many new techniques. In addition to all of the above, the bond with the other members of the sessions was beautiful; I love the way we encourage and celebrate each other. Thank you Carmen!
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